Instagram Testing Multi-Photo & Video Albums in Version 10.7.0


We knew it was inevitable, but we all hoped we’d have a little longer with our untarnished Instagram. Yes, you guessed it.... Instagram has introduced the upload of multiple photos… just like Facebook albums. They are slowly, but surely making their photo-sharing tools a lot more like Facebook.

Hidden inside version 10.7.0 (which is trickling out to users on Android only), Instagram is testing a new feature for its app that will allow users to share multiple photos/videos at a time. 

Users will be able to select up to 10 photos or videos from their galleries, apply filters individually on each of the selected photos and upload them. From a followers’ perspective, they will see the album and can then swipe through liking photos and videos as they go.

You may have noticed this feature has been enabled for advertisers on your timeline, but if testing goes well it will be extended to all Instagram users. Yes, that means you might be seeing a lot more than just one pic of your Aunties gardening projects this Easter *shudder*. 

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has been glorified as the best way of telling a story with a single, square-shaped image which perfectly encapsulates the moment your experiencing – basically an easy way to make your friends ‘totes’ jealous of your holidays.

My concern is that this feature will ruin the authenticity and standard of Instagram content, by flooding it with average, mass uploads. But, in reality this capability was bound to happen…

Despite its status as both a top-rated app in Apple's App Store and one of Facebook's best acquisitions, over the last year Instagram has rapidly expanded its features to reflect Facebook’s capabilities for the benefit of advertisers - introducing live videos, link ads, carousel ads and Stories.

With the exception of these updates, Instagram has generally left its primary service unaffected — simply sharing photos with friends and followers.

We’ll update you once the feature is widely available. In the meantime, be sure to update your Instagram to see if you’re in luck!


Jessica Edward - Snr Social Acct Mgr @Culture - The Social Agency


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