Facebook, you did what with video!?


Facebook have done it again, they have rolled out four major updates that make watching video on Facebook richer, more engaging and more flexible.  A round of applause for them please....

Numero One:

Facebook will now autoplay sound on videos, Sayyyy Whaaaatt!? So prepare for a symphony of your friends’ noises as you scroll through your feed, jokes, but actually.... No, thankfully the audio will fade in and out as you scroll past the videos on your feed, so at least you shouldn’t be caught off guard! Sound will not play if your phone is in silent mode.

Numero Two:

Facebook have introduced the option to minimise videos to a picture-in-picture view as you continue to scroll through the news feed. This means it keeps playing in the bottom right hand corner of your screen while you continue to scroll, making it less intrusive and well giving you the opportunity to be the multi-tasker that you are. You can even keep watching it outside of the Facebook app on your mobile screen...!

Numero Three:

Following positive feedback from video viewing trials, vertical video will now take up a much larger portion of your display on both iOS and Android devices. YAY!! This will now be a more engaging and pleasant experience for all (....putting our reading glasses away.....)

But wait, there’s more - It's Numero Four:

We have had the official word, drumroll.....Facebook has a new video app for TV!!

This app allows you to watch videos shared by your friends, pages you follow and some of the most popular live videos from around the world. You can also save these videos to revisit and watch later – too easy!

From the mouth of Facebook, this TV app is expected to roll out “soon” to app stores for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Samsung Smart TV “with more platforms to come.” 

So take a breather, you are now schooled up on the Facebook video ways, go forth, take to the water cooler and share your new knowledge people PLUS stay tuned to find out when these shiny new things will hit New Zealand, we’ll be letting you know as soon as we hear.


Team Culture - The Social Agency



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